Our Mission:

Simplify marketing insights & provide actionable recommendations so that you can achieve your online goals

our story

DIY:DIFM was created out of a need to help our clients achieve their digital marketing goals. Our clients shared that they felt SEO and Content Marketing was labor intensive, expensive and mysterious. They were unsure of what tactics worked today and what would still work tomorrow. We wanted to make SEO transparent, effective and affordable. As we hired more team members to meet the demands of our growing business, we decided to turn our training system into a software and learning program to show clients how to do the work themselves or hire out the work they didn’t want to do without having to explain it to contractors and vet them. What our clients love most about DIY DIFM is that it removes the Voodoo from SEO and focuses on tasks that will provide the best results to increase their online visibility and conversions. We are constantly adding recommendations to DIY DIFM so businesses can stay competitive and on the leading edge of SEO and Content Marketing.

our vision

In 3 years to be the trusted source for actionable marketing insights by providing easy to use & results oriented tools

our team

The DIY:DIFM team was founded by wife and husband team and has grown to a group of location independent, open minded, global citizens. We strive for harmony and genuinely want to help others succeed.
Diyfm Leadership