Our Mission:

Simplify marketing insights & provide actionable recommendations so that you can achieve your online goals

our story

Rob Bertholf, a veteran technologist & marketer with over 20 years experience and having helped well over 1,000 businesses was sitting in his office, frustrated by how much time he spent collecting & analyzing overwhelming amounts of siloed data in order to get actionable recommendations to his clients he wished that he could automate some of the recommendation gathering & even provide businesses of all sizes a way to action on the tactics themselves or connect them with trained pros they could trust to do it for them with the click of a button so he started mapping out the relationships between goals, tactics, kpi’s, skills, terms, etc. & built a tool to pull data then mapped it using his “linnear KPI” reporting breakthrough launching the first DIY:DIFM marketing results platform
diyfm Unicorn

our vision:

In 3 years to be the trusted source for actionable marketing insights by providing easy to use & results oriented tools

our team:

Our team is comprised of location independent, open minded, global citizens. We strive for harmony and genuinely want to help other succeed.

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