If you’re considering life as a digital nomad, you should definitely know -- you are not alone. There is in fact a strong community of nomads all over the world. Many organize meetups, as well as coworking offices that are often shared by a variety of nomads. While there is a strong nomad presence all over the world, there are in fact particular hubs that many people gather at for their particular mix of cost of living, quality of life, and access to the internet -- among a lot of other factors, of course! Business is only half of what being a digital nomad is all about. There’s way more about where you should travel than just what the most lucrative places are. Then, wouldn’t every single nomad just go there? They wouldn’t really be nomads at all in that case... But, hubs like Chiang Mai or Budapest are considered good places to start. They have a strong community presence of other digital nomads and coworking offices to operate from. Being around a lot of other nomads of course would be an excellent learning experience to help you kick of your journey, and a place with an already well-established community is a great way to ease yourself into the intense lifestyle of being a digital nomad.


Fellow nomads can also share lucrative career opportunities on top of just tips and advice. There’s also very well-fleshed out resources with strong and active communities tending to them, as well as networks of hostels, house-sitting gigs, and even just couches. Like I said… If you do become a nomad, you certainly will not be alone unless you want to be.

A global presence

Many digital nomads really are indeed nomads, stretching to the farthest corners of the Earth. There are reports everywhere from Memphis, Tennessee, to Bishkek -- the capital of Kyrgyzstan, a country where many traditional people still practice actual nomadism, yurts and all. I’ve even seen reports from the dark and mysterious Pyongyang. If there are nomads even in as intense places as North Korea, then there truly is a presence everywhere. Of course, there is going to be a much stronger presence in more lucrative and comfortable cities. It’s not like people are actually flocking to all these obscure and dangerous corners of the world. Those people are certainly outliers, but gutsy and still definitely proof of the universality, potential and capability of all the digital nomads out in the world today. It can be very scary and daunting to start on a life path like this, but the support network is so vast and so strong, that there will always be plenty of fellow nomads, freelancers, entrepreneurs, whatever… to help you. Whether it’s deeply personal, or just as a presence in a coworking office that inspires and motivates you to work harder (you don’t want to be lazy in front of all these people, right?!), there is a strong presence throughout the world of this lifestyle. Proof that it can be lucrative, and a ‘real job’. So many have done it before, and many of them will help you do it too.

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