Traveling is of course, the most important part of being a nomad of any kind, including a digital one! If you’ve found a way to be able to work remotely, then what would be the point if you can’t go somewhere with it. But you won’t be able to go anywhere at all if you aren’t prepared to meet the needs of your business. Balancing work life with travel can be difficult, but if you’re careful, you can be happy and fulfilled while still keeping up on all the work you need to do.

Match your location with your income

Not everyone is able to bring in thousands of dollars every day. Wouldn’t that be nice? But to run a successful business as well as have an enjoyable time traveling, you need to be pragmatic about your situation. If you aren’t earning a sizable income, a city with a high cost of living like Singapore or Oslo isn’t a good fit for you. You’re going to spend too much of your income trying to have a good quality of life, and too much of your time trying to earn enough income to have a good quality of life -- in other words, your quality of life is not actually going to be good either way, now is it? Fortunately -- there are plenty of amazing cities that offer both a good quality of life and low cost of living. There are many famous cities and places like these that are renowned among nomads; Chiang Mai in Thailand is renowned as one of the world’s most active digital nomad hubs, where not only is it a great place to live and work as one, but it’s also a great place to meet other nomads and learn from them. There’s also the Indonesian island of Bali, as well as Budapest, Hungary that are great, renowned spots as well.

Internet Access

Aside from a reasonable cost of living that fits your personal budget, there are other things that you’ll have to consider in order to have a successful time in your travels. For example, since you’ll presumably be doing most -- if not all -- of your work on a computer via the internet, you need to be able to, you know, actually be able to access the internet, and access it well. Certain exotic places might attract travelers with their low cost of living and less crowded population, but their infrastructure may not have the access to the web that you crucially need. Other more high-end cities like Tokyo may offer attractive internet speeds, but don’t have reasonable access to public wi-fi networks. Cities that offer the best of both like the world famous internet of Seoul or Hong Kong however, are often incredibly expensive to live in. The thing about traveling as a nomad is that all of your destinations must be chosen with precision and care. There are a lot of aspects that you must balance in order to be successful.

Healthcare, passports, visas, every other thing...

International travel, in general, is not easy and simple. Each country has their own requirements for visas, as well as many different kinds of visas. Your passport information must be valid and up to date… and one of the most important things about travel is having access to good healthcare. Being in the hospital in a country where you don’t know the language, or where you’re not sure how or if you can pay your bills… Not to mention that the quality of the facilities that you stay at may not be up to western standards. Knowing that you have a solid net to fall back on, just in case, is extremely valuable and not something to be shrugged off. Traveling as a nomad is a complicated and delicate balance of many things; but if you’re smart, organized, flexible, and prepared, international travel is very possible. Be aware of your decisions and how they may impact you in the future, and you will likely be safe and happy wherever you go.

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