The Behavior Layer focuses on the experience that visitors (including search engine robots) have while on your website. It is the sixth and final of @Rob's framework for modern digital marketing. but behavior is something you should be thinking about throughout each and every layer from Branding to Community. A poor user experience (UX) on the human side will result in a less enjoyable visit for your audience and potential customers. A negative experience can occur due to broken links, poor navigation, difficult to read fonts, unclear copy, and any other confusion someone has while on your website. Unhappy, frustrated people are less likely to come back to your website or to purchase a product or service. On the robots side, search engines measure how visitors interact with your website as well as the way content is displayed to determine how future visitors are likely to receive your site. The better the user experience, the more likely it is that Google will recommend your website. The Behavior Layer will help you look at all of your digital marketing in a more human-centered way. This includes reading and utilizing metrics, KPI reporting, and creating positive user experiences for both humans and robots.