Branding is the foundation of all marketing and is the first of @Rob's six layers of modern digital marketing. Often avoided and underestimated, branding is the process of creating an emotional connection with your audience and differentiating your business from other offerings.To some, branding may seem elusive and overpriced, but developing a strong foundation in branding will increase the effectiveness of all other marketing activities. No matter your digital marketing discipline, branding plays a key role in your ultimate success. As a web designer, having a well-defined brand practically creates the website for you. As a search marketer, a well-defined brand gives you the research and assets needed to quickly gain visibility and build authority. As a content or social marketer, having a well-defined brand provides the framework, backstory, and storytelling needed for targeted and consistent communication. The branding layer will help you establish a brand that is clearly identified by your audience and clearly differentiated from your competitors. This includes why you exist, your verbal and visual identity, how you’re seen by your customers, and how to live out your brand both in the real world and online. DIY:DIFM’s Brand Vault will help you establish, manage, and store each of your brand assets.