The following are the current and planned features for Clients.


Get the power of Marketing Intelligence. This subscription provides regular recommendations on factors that are impeding your success. We harvest and scan hundreds of metrics to keep you in the know(...)

Brand Vault

Brand Vault allows you to store your brand assets in one secure and easy-to-access space. The tool guides you through which elements of your brand you still need to build and seamlessly integrates with DIY:DIFM’s eLearning materials

Access to Training Library

Gain access to the eLearning training library with courses on our 6 Pillars of Organic Acquisition Marketing. Improve your marketing skills and get a better understanding of the recommendations in yo(...)


marketAIng w/Google Search Console

This marketing intelligence add-on connects to Google Search Console expanding the data harvested to include search engine performance and indexation data along with technical errors. This provides a(...)


marketAIng w/Google Analytics

This marketing intelligence add-on connects to Google Analytics expanding the harvested data to include website performance and conversion optimization. This provides actionable recommendations to en(...)


Access to Glossary

Gain access to the Glossary with definitions of marketing terms. Click on an unfamiliar term your reports and throughout our site and an explanation will immediately appear.

$2 each

User Count

By default you will have one login, if you are part of a plan you will likely have more, should you wish to increase the number of people who can log into the platform you can with this feature upgrad(...)

$7 each

Site Count

By default each feature supports one website, if you would like to have multiple websites you can do so with this feature upgrade.

Features in Development

The following features are currently in development and will be released in the order of their popularity. Cast your vote to help prioritize features you want to use the most!

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Actionable data is critical to any business owner or marketer. With this subscription you are provided with regular reporting delivered to your inbox, providing you with actionable insights along wit(...)

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This market intelligence add-on connects to Google AdWords expanding the harvested data to include paid ad performance and landing page optimization. This provides actionable recommendations to ensur(...)

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Want to roll up your sleeves and take control of your SEO linkbuilding needs? This subscription provides step by step instructions on how to build your domain authority and come up higher in the sear(...)

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Site reliability is critical to successful online business. Be notified if your site goes down; more importantly our staff will be notified and make steps to ensuring you get back online as well as p(...)

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Malware attacks are the new viruses and are far too common. With this subscription our team will ensure that you do not get infected with malware and also comes with Malware Insurance for our team to(...)

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This marketing intelligence add-on connects to MailChimp expanding the harvested data to include subscriber lists and email campaigns. This provides actionable recommendations to ensure you are maxim(...)

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This subscription provide access to hundreds of Do It Yourself (DIY) step-by-step instructions to save you from relying on others for your digital marketing success.

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This DIY add-on provides a task management tool to prioritize and assign tasks to yourself and your team.

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Gain access to the Do It For Me (DIFM) Marketplace with hundreds of talented certified practitioners, and get discounted rates on their services. No need for RFP’s, interviews or explanation of scope(...)

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Share information, get questions answered and be part of our DOer’s community with access to our Forum.

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