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Product Roadmap


Oct 15, 2016

Add SSO for Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn/Google/BitBucket/GitHub

Oct 9, 2016

Add machine readability/SEO optimize platform
Enhance User Navigation with Sidebar
Enhance Brand navigation with Sidebar
Create brand selection view

Oct 2, 2016

Upgrade to Laravel 5.3
Add Video Embed to Course
Enhance "intended" Login redirects

Sept 25, 2016

Added Services stub
Added Audit stub
Added Tools starter

Sept 18, 2016

Added eCourse
Add global "Topics"
Add Topic filter to Glossary

Sept 11, 2016

Brand management
Subscription management

July 17, 2016

User Profiles
Added Username Field
Language Switcher
Multilingual Support
Custom Error Pages
XML Sitemaps

July 10, 2016

User Profile Edit
User Custom Fields
Admin User CRUD
Admin Brand CRUD


  • 000 Add Translations to all hard coded text
  • 001 Add Multi Lingual Sitemaps
  • 002 HTML Sitemap: /sitemap
  • 003 Extend Social Share (Laravel-Social-Share) with oAuth
  • 004 Buildout /get-social
  • 005 Admin CRUD (Forum)
  • 005 Admin CRUD (Glossary)
  • 007 Email Management

Requested Features