Digital Marketing Results, Simplified.

Digital Marketing Dashboard

Dashboard Overview

Because marketing needs to be


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Dashboard Overview

Get more traffic and conversions without relying solely on ads.

Lower your customer acquisition cost.

Focus and prioritize.

Know what to do and how to do it.

Delegate or outsource with 1 click.

Know exactly what to track, measure, what to fix.

There's a better way to do marketing.
Your new journey starts here.

The Dashboard

Do you wish you had a marketing coach that told you exactly what to do,
how to do it and how well you’re doing? Well this is it.

DIY:DIFM scans your website, rates it against all marketing factors, based on our proprietary 6 Pillars methodology.

Our holistic, 6 Pillars approach to organic marketing ensures you stay ahead of search engine algorithm changes. We’ve used this approach with clients of all sizes and industries and has been proven effective at increasing organic traffic, getting higher search engine rankings and conversions, and building a solid brand online.

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Dashboard Setup
Dashboard Setup

Marketing Scorecard

  • Get an overview on how your website scores on all 6 areas.
  • The more data sources you connect (Google Analytics/Search Console, email and social analytics), the more comprehensive your score.

Asset Library

  • Access all your branding assets in one place!
  • Fonts, colors, messaging, and more.
  • The software will access it and autofill for you when you're working on tasks.
Asset Library

Recommendations, Tasks and Protocols

  • What to do, how to do it!
  • Get a list of recommendations with protocols on how to complete each task.
  • Tasks are prioritized: critical, warning, or opportunity.
Asset Library
Asset Library

Delegate or Outsource

Invite team members and assign tasks.
Or outsource with 1 Click!

  • Work is guaranteed. All outsources are trained to follow exact protocols.
  • On time
  • Fair, competitive pricing. No RFP's, no interviews.

Track and Measure Success like a boss!

Setup goals and get goal recommendations based on your objectives.

*Chained KPI's help identify and track success along the way.

Our Reporting Tool allows you to customize reports with metrics specific to roles in your organization (C-level, managers, etc.)

Get alerts! Be the first to know when something goes awry.

Learning Platform

Dashboard Setup

Library of videos and online training courses.

Glossary of marketing terms.

Online learning community.

Is this you?

Want more organic traffic...

  • But, I find it hard to stay ahead of search engine algorithm changes.
  • I'm tired of paying for ads and scared of relying on one traffic source for all my business.

There's so much to do!

  • Where should I focus my time and money to get the most ROI?
  • What should I prioritize?
  • What am I missing that I should be doing?

Delegating is a problem.

  • It's time consuming to communicate and train.
  • With outsourcing, I can't guarantee the quality of work or if gets done at all.
  • It's hard to find good contractors.

How do I know what's working?

  • How do I measure success?
  • How do I figure out what to fix? Or what worked?
  • How do I keep on top of things that might be broken?

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