Brand Vault

DIY:DIFM’s Brand Vault allows you to store your brand assets in one secure and easy-to-access space. The tool guides you through which elements of your brand you still need to build and seamlessly integrates with DIY:DIFM’s eLearning materials.

Building a strong foundation in branding will increase the effectiveness of all your marketing activities. It’s an incredibly important aspect of your business that should never be overlooked. You should consider your brand whenever you make a business decision, whether big or small. This means everyone in your business needs to be able to reference and follow your brand guidelines, including external contractors if they are acting on behalf of your brand.

The Brand Vault is your go-to resource for storing, sharing, and updating your brand. It’s a brand guide that’s simple to use with built-in learning opportunities.



The Brand Vault’s interactive system will take you step-by-step through the creation of your brand.

Visual Design

The Brand Vault automatically produces a visual document of your assets using your own on-brand color combinations. You’ll also see all of your visual elements including color codes, typography, imagery, logos, and styles.

PDF Export

Need to share your brand assets with an outside contractor, or want to print out a copy for a meeting? No problem—with just one click your visual brand guide exports as a PDF.

Built-in eLearning

The brand vault seamlessly integrates with DIY:DIFM’s online Branding Course. Instructor Rob Bertholf’s interactive lessons will help you understand and build each of the elements within your Brand Vault.

The Brand Vault lets you build and save your brand at your own pace. Get started today in a few clicks by adding the Brand Vault to your cart. This feature is included within some of DIY:DIFM’s tailored plans but can also be purchased ala-carte.


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