Title Tag

The title tag is an html meta tag that defines the title of a webpage. This is seen by the browser as well as search engines.


Code Example

	  <title>The Title goes here</title>

SEO Factors

  • Each page requires a descriptive and keyword-focused title tag
  • This tag can be generated automatically based on a rule-set, but is generally a good idea to have CMS over-ride capability
  • The title needs to be unique to the individual page, duplicated title tags can be mitigated by canonical rules
  • Title tags can be short and to the point, they can be sentence fragments that are clear and readable
  • The intent of title tags is to target how users are searching. Search Demand can inform title tag creation
  • Common use of text separators involve symbols such as | : -
  • If the brand name will be included in the title tag, place at the end. Google will often append the brand name at the front of the title tag automatically if not already included in a short title tag.
  • Title tag length should be 50-60 characters
  • Focus effort to write title tags in a way that considers both user intent, search volume and CTR

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