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by Rob Bertholf

Gaining authority in your market space is all about what happens to your content after you hit Publish.

Content can’t be created in a silo. It needs as much visibility as possible, which includes everything from paid ads, to social media shares, to backlinks. If other sites in your industry that have high authority are linking to your site, search engines are more likely to recommend your site.

Course instructor Rob Bertholf’s (@Rob) interactive lessons will show you how to get interaction on your content so that you gain authority in your industry.

Rob Bertholf established the Authority Layer based on:

  • Distribution How to distribute and share your content off-site.
  • Amplification How to amplify top performing content through paid marketing boosts.
  • Validation How to ensure your content is being shared through the proper social networks.
  • Link Acquisition How to gain inbound links through outreach and directories.
  • Competitor Nullification How to replicate what’s working for your competitors.

Content marketing is more than creating content. Your authority is directly linked to how well your content is being marketed.

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Rob Bertholf
Rob Bertholf


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