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What is Branding?

In this module, you will begin to explore the makings of a brand, branding terminology, and the importance of branding. You’ll also look at a "brand formula" and "brand equity formula" as a way to better visualize and demystify branding.


This lesson is a quick introduction to what you will learn throughout the Branding Pillar. You’ll get to meet your instructor Rob Bertholf and see the module roadmap you’ll follow for this course.

Brand vs Branding

This lesson will set the terminology we will use throughout the entire branding course. We'll also dig a little deeper into what your "brand" is and isn't and learn more about brand ingredients, a brand formula, and how branding differs from your other marketing activities.

Value of Branding

You might be wondering, "Wait, do I need a brand?" This lesson will cover the reasons why you should invest in building your brand and the value it will bring to your business. You’ll learn more about the long-term financial benefits and how you can leverage your brand to charge a premium, cross-sell, gain recurring customers, and more.

Brand Strategy Introduction

This quick lesson will introduce the next two modules under the Brand Strategy umbrella—Positioning and Personality.

Branding is the foundation of all marketing and is the first of six courses aligned with the layers of organic digital marketing.

  1. What is Branding?
  2. Positioning
  3. Personality
  4. Presentation
  5. Rollout
Rob Bertholf
Rob Bertholf