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In this module, you’ll let your positioning and personality guide how you present your brand to the world. You will define what you are called and create your brand's face—what your customers will identify you by.

Introduction to Brand Execution

This lesson is a quick introduction to the Brand Execution Module.


If you already have a name you’re happy with for your brand, you may want to jump to the next lesson. When thinking about how to name your brand, there are a number of naming types ranging from abstract to associative to descriptive. We will discuss the pros and cons of each type and go through a few exercises to determine which name best fits your own brand. By the end of... Read more


As with the previous lesson, fully fleshing out your brand before creating a logo is best. Only then can you make sure your logo is truly connected to your brand. The goal is to create a ‘symbol intensive’ brand that goes past a pretty picture by digging deep into your audience’s psyche. We will go through different logo terminology, logo styles from other brands, how to tradem... Read more


A mascot or character that truly represents your brand can make ordinary products memorable. They help illustrate a brand’s personality and aid in your storytelling. We’ll look at the mascots and characters utilized by popular brands so that you can decide if a mascot is right for you.


In this lesson, we will begin to discuss messaging. Developing key messaging is crucial to your brand, as it will inform all future content you produce. This lesson will help you generate content ideas as well as a profile and about description for your brand. We will just touch the surface on messaging here as we will fully cover this topic again later in the Content Pilla... Read more


Images pop on your website much more than simple words on a page. Let’s discuss how to select supporting imagery that speaks to the positioning and personality of your brand. By the end of this lesson, you can begin selecting the imagery that best represents your brand. Lesson Resources: https://u... Read more

Branding is the foundation of all marketing and is the first of six courses aligned with the layers of organic digital marketing.

  1. What is Branding?
  2. Positioning
  3. Personality
  4. Presentation
  5. Rollout
Rob Bertholf
Rob Bertholf