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by Rob Bertholf

Content isn’t an optional aspect of digital marketing. In order to fully achieve your online marketing goals, you need to have a consistent content strategy.

That doesn’t mean creating any and all content. Your content needs to be strategic and backed by reliable research. You need to understand the intent of your content so you can position each piece to align with your target persona’s aspirations and pain points.

There are many steps involved in quality content creation that come before you can click Publish. Course instructor Rob Bertholf’s (@Rob) interactive lessons will guide you through content research, keyword strategy, length, style, CTAs, media types, and more.

Rob Bertholf established the content layer based on:

  • Ideation How to use market research to establish your strategy.
  • Creation How to create consistent content that aligns with both your brand style guide and customer needs.
  • Convert How to ensure content matches intent through strategic CTAs.
  • Repurpose How to repurpose content for various media formats and a larger reach.

Content is not the end goal, it is the catalyst for conversion, bridging the gap between your customer’s needs and your brand’s offering.

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Rob Bertholf
Rob Bertholf


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