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by Rob Bertholf

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The Technical Layer will teach you how to utilize tech to help you work smarter, not harder. This is one of the most critical and most neglected areas of optimization because if key technical issues are not corrected, your website may not receive credit for all the other work you may be doing.

If you’ve ever been confused by, or frustrated with, the technical side of digital marketing, please hang in there for this layer. The technical components of your marketing strategy play an incredibly important role in helping you reach your overall digital marketing goals. Course instructor Rob Bertholf’s (@Rob) interactive lessons and resources will get you up to speed with all things tech and marketing.

Likewise, if you feel you have a strong command of tech, we still encourage you to brush up on your knowledge and stick around to learn how your technical components overlap with each of the other layers.

Rob Bertholf established the Technical Layer based on:

  • Infrastructure How your servers and platforms contribute to user engagement and load times.
  • Architecture How to make sure content is supported/served in a logical manner.
  • Integration How to add tracking analytics and 3rd party services.
  • Robot Customers How to add context to content to make it machine readable.
  • Efficiency How tools and automation can make your life easier.

The Technical Layer will add clarity to the tech you could be using or are currently using to leave you with a strong understanding of all that is technologically possible.

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Module 5: Future of the Web

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Module 10: Context